River's Bend

*River’s Bend"

River’s Bend is a decently sized city. (Larger than Moss Haven and smaller than Amber. The city has no defensive walls, instead the residents rely on the deep moat that has been dug around the city. New portions are added to the moat as the city grows and crawls onto the opposite banks.

River’s Bend is a trading port and the main stop along the Cascade River. It serves as the supply post for the various monasteries, hunting camps, and mines in that region of the Sunset Mountains.

The city is mostly built out of wood with stone foundations, and the architectural style appears to believe that more porches are better. Most house have porches or balconies at every window, some of these have been enclosed and now have porches off them.

The small valley surrounding River’s Bend is covered in fruit trees and fields of flowers. In the non-winter months, the local area is alive with color.

River's Bend

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