Embassy of Trye

Embassy of Trye

em-bas-see of tray

The Embassy of Trye is the ruling council in Tyrra Val, made up from five distinct factions. Each faction ambassador has equal vote and voice in all decisions , ensuring that no one faction should gain complete control.

The Embassy is located in the center of Amber in a very old stone building.

Long ago during the settling of this great expanse there were 5 main groups of nomadic tribes. Earlier in time they were all independent family groups, but as time passed they formed alliances. And eventually these five factions alined themselves together to form the Embassy of Tyre.

The five faction: Dalkore, Raevden, Thornvine, Seldrefien, and Gworenode.

The Deinya

the d-en-ya

The Deinya are the private guards for the Embassy of Trye. They are very loyal and considered the best of the best.

Embassy of Trye

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