Amber “The Heaven’s Kiss”

Amber is a large bustling city, and home of the Embassy Counsel. It is high up in The Sunset Mountain. Amber started out as a mining outpost and grew into a trade route bazaar. After the founding of the Embassy of Trye, it was chosen to be the center of the new nation because of the mixed assortment of cultures.

In the center of the city is the Embassy Counsel, in which the Embassy of Trye holds session. The Embassy has its own guards called The Deinya. And its own kitchens, and often caters to visiting emissaries and officials.

Amber has 3 rings of walls, each built around the city as it grew. The center ring encircles the homes of those who work in the Embassy, along with the finer shops of Amber. This is where the rich and privileged live, work, and shop. This is also the area that tourist usually flock to.

The second ring from the middle is a busy mass of homes and shops, each district crowding each other for room. Here you can find the good and the bad of the city, all thrown together into an urban tangle. The barracks for the city guard is along the wall at the east side of the city, along with the jail. Temples can be found more towards the northern side, while the courts are at the south.

The last ring of the city is the outer ring, this ring is filled with dense neighborhoods filled with homes. The rich rarely venture into this part of Amber, save the few foolish enough to wander into one of the numerous taverns only to loose all their money and go home disgraced.


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