The Greatquakes

One quiet and rather ordinary night, Tyrra Val was disrupted by a series of very strong earthquakes. In the darkest hours, the quakes tore through the night and shook apart the countryside. The epicenter of the earthquake was located near the small community of Moss Haven.

The noise and shaking of the Greatquakes grew in volume till they had thoroughly rattled the sleeping inhabitants from their slumber. The quake ripped the town apart, cut by ragged chasms filled with purple fire laced with tentacles of deep shadow.

As quickly as it came, the Greatquake also left. Leaving behind deep chasms where the purple fire had been formally. The edges and walls of the chasms coated in flakes of fine ash. Upon further investigation, the chasms appear to all originate from the epicenter, and from there, reach out in all directions across Tyrra Val.


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